A premium mobile onboarding process offers your customers a frictionless way to capture and provide self-servicing trailing document to increase retention rates. Power your app with Mobile Capture and deliver exceptional customer experiences by making mobile document capture easy for your customers with a simple process: point and capture. ABBYY Mobile Capture is an SDK which offers automatic data capture within your mobile app, providing real-time recognition and capturing photos of documents for on-device or back-end processing. A dictionary support, that improves the recognition rate, is already available for Greek language

Mobile Capture SDK Features

ABBYY Mobile Capture can power your applications with


text capture from image

Point and capture

Automatically captures the best-quality image suitable for further back-end processing.

mobile document capture

Automatic document detection

Automatically detects boundaries, crops the document, and corrects its perspective.

mobile text recognition

On-device OCR

Automatically recognizes text, either from a static image or from the camera preview screen, when the user simply points the camera at the document or object.

business card recognition

Ready-to-use business card reading

Allows automatic extraction of contact data from business cards by simply pointing the camera on the card, to use within a mobile CRM or lead management app, or for customer onboarding.

mobile image export

Image export

Provides flexibility to choose between different image export formats (PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG) and compression levels for further back-end processing.

text recognition in many languages

Multi-language OCR

Provides text recognition in 63 languages to support your global applications.

mobile text capture different platforms

Cross-platform development

Integrate image and data capture into cross-platform applications using the plugin for Cordova, React Native or Xamarin.

extract text from objects

Text capture from objects

Easily captures text on objects such as street signs or license plates.

For more information download the following product brochure or visit ABBYY’s website.

ABBYY Mobile Capture Brochure.


Crafting a seamless customer experience is essential today. Companies are still slow in adopting the use of technology to provide a smooth experience. ABBYY Mobile Web Capture is a JavaScript based SDK that can be embedded into your on-boarding processes to automatically capture any document using a mobile camera within a webpage. Just point your device’s camera at a document and Mobile Web Capture does all the work – no clicks or adjustments required. It is a frictionless process that helps to provide the best possible quality images to turn into business ready data.

Key benefits

improve customer onboarding

Enhance the customer experience

Improve customer interactions by minimizing the effort required to manually capture and deliver data to on-boarding processes.

web-based capture solution

Eliminate custom development

Easily integrate a pre-built, comprehensive, web-based capture solution, reducing mobile application development resources.

automatic mobile capture

Speed the capture of customer information

Automatically capture identification, proof of residence or other relevant documents accurately during the registration and account-sign up process within the customer onboarding journey.

seamless customer experience with ABBYY

Gain a competitive advantage

Provide your customers with a seamless customer experience within their onboarding journey while saving development resources, giving you a leg up on the competition.

For more information download the following product brochure or visit ABBYY’s website.

ABBYY Mobile Capture Brochure.

Mobile Capture vs. Mobile Web Capture – Feature Comparison


Automatic Image Capture
Image Crop
Image Export
Image quality assessment
+ (Technology Preview)
+ (Technology Preview)
Full Text OCR
ID and MRZ recognition
Bank Cards and IBAN recognition
Custom Data Capture