Bookeye® 4 V1A-C35 – For Thick, Oversized Books


Digitization excellence and highest productivity


Bookeye ® 4 V1A-C35 is the professional solution for digitization projects that require high quality images at maximum productivity, while eliminating strenuous, repetitive tasks required of an operator to get the job done.


Bookeye 4 V1A-C35 scans originals up to A1 in size at high speeds, with the unique book cradle for books 35 cm thick. The scanner distinguishes three modes: fixed plate glass, without glass plate and with an automatic opening at 45 degrees.


Fully automatic operation, sensor controlled pressure


In Auto Mode, the scanning process is fully automatic. Sensors in the book cradle plates control the pressure. The book cradle plates are motor driven and deal with a book thickness of up to 35 cm (Alternatively there is a 50 cm book cradle available.)


Together with software packages such as Batch Scan Wizard, BCS-2® and Goobi UCC, even the toughest requirements of a digitization project can be met.

Bookeye® 4 V1A-C35 Professional Technical Data


This section provides you with the technical specifications and data associated with the Bookeye® 4 V1A-C35 Professional book scanner. Speed, scan size, power consumption and environmental data can be found as well as dimensions and weight of the scanner. These documents are the most detailed summary of the technical specifications.



Technical Data


Maximum Document Size 635 x 850 mm (25 x 33.5 inches),
8% > DIN A1
Scanner Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Pixel Dimension 9.3 x 9.3 µm
Scan Speed Color DIN A1+ @ 150 dpi: 1.8 s
DIN A1+ @ 200 dpi: 2.3 s
DIN A1+ @ 300 dpi: 5.3 s
DIN A1+ @ 400 dpi: 7 s
Color Depth 48 bit color, 16 bit grayscale
Scan Output 24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, bitonal, enhanced halftone
File Formats Multipage PDF (PDF/A) and TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP,
TIFF (Raw, G3, G4, LZW, JPEG), AutoCAD DWF, JBIG, DjVu,
DICOM, PCX, Postscript, EPS, Raw data
ICC Profiles Embedded for sRGB, Adobe RGB and native. Individual profiling via web based Scan2ICC subscription
Technical Specifications
Computer 64 bit Linux, Intel i3, quad core processor,
8 Gigabyte RAM, 320GB HDD for extra large jobs
Touchscreen 7 inch color WVGA (wide VGA) touchscreen
Monitor 27 inch 4K preview screen
USB Port 2 USB Ports
Interface 1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based
Scan2Net® interface
Camera CCD Kamera
Light Source White LEDs, according IEC 60825-1: class 1,
no IR/UV emission
Lamp Life Time 50,000 h (typ.)
Book Cradle, motorized Dokument lift: 350 mm / 13.8 inch lifting height
Alternatively there is a 500 mm book cradle available
Dimensions Scanner
(H x W x D)
1700 x 1100 x 960 mm (67 x 43.3 x 37.8 inches)
Weight Scanner 140 kg (309 lbs.)
Electrical Specifications
Electrical Connection 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 33 W (Standby) / ≤ 90 W (Ready to scan, monitor on) /
≤ 130 W (Scanning) /
≤ 230 W (Fully automatic scan cycle)
Ambient Conditions
Operating Temp 5 to 40 °C (40 to 105 °F)
Rel Humidity 20 to 80 % (non-condensing)
Noise < 55 dB(A) (Fully automatic scan cycle) /
< 38 dB(A) (Scanning) / < 33 dB(A) (Standby)

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Bookeye® 4 V1A-C35 Book Scanner A1+, 140° or 180°, glass plate, motorized cradles (Alternatively there is a 50 cm book cradle available)


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